Dr James Sewell (Osteopath)

James relocated to Brisbane from Melbourne to practise at Northside Therapies. As the dux of is graduating year level, James has a sound understanding of the sciences informing contemporary osteopathic medicine.

As a Kwong Lee Dow young scholar, he completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in human structure and function, at The University of Melbourne. He then completed his osteopathic studies at RMIT University, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy), with first class honours.

From 2014-2016, James tutored anatomy, physiology, and foundations of diagnosis to undergraduate health science students. He completed a year-long coveted student exchange to Oxford Brookes University in the U.K., being one of only two Australian osteopathic students to be accepted into this program. In his final year, James completed a month-long placement at SportsMed Orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai, India, treating a plethora of chronic musculoskeletal injuries across a diverse patient demographic.

James amalgamates physical therapy with dry needling therapy, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and pain neuroscience education; empowering patients with the aim to prevent injurious relapse and optimise quality of life. He has historically worked in a variety of work environments, including administration, hospitality, retail, and recruitment, and therefore has a good insight into the influence of the workplace on an individual’s recovery. He is also a keen runner, cyclist, and rower; eager to assist other amateur and elite sportsmen and women.

James is a big advocate for individualised healthcare, and thus tailors each patient’s management plan to the context of their health and social environment.