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Back and Neck Pain

80% of the population will suffer with back or neck pain at some time.

Common causes of back and neck pain are:

  • Extended periods of sitting or standing
  • Injury such as whiplash
  • Stress
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Poor flexibility or muscle weakness

During a treatment, your Osteopath may address joint mobility or muscular tension with the aim to decrease inflammation and nerve irritation. This may help reduce the duration of your pain and help you get back to your life sooner.

To help you avoid the causes of your pain, your Osteopath can offer advice on your posture and give you exercises and stretches. They can provide you with guidance on the correct postures for your work environment and lifestyle advice.

Back and neck pain can range from a mild discomfort to debilitating pain. Osteopaths are trained on how to recognise the difference between uncomplicated back or neck pain and more serious conditions that may require referral to specialised care. They are also able to refer you directly for spinal x-rays or via your GP for other x-rays and scans if required.

Please see our research page for information on supporting studies.