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Myofascial Cupping

What is Myofascial Cupping?  How will it help me?

First of all, myocupping is a form of massage, done with traditional Chinese cups (ours use suction apparatus NOT fire).  Myofascial cupping is done by warming the area with the massage therapists hands and massage balm, applying the cups, then the massage is continued with hands (just like a “regular” massage) and then the cups are included by gliding them over the back, arms, or legs – in fact, there are only a few areas of the body they cannot be used on such as armpit, front of the neck, and inside of wrists. So, in essence you ARE getting a regular massage, with a little something extra thrown in to make it that much more special!

Now, for those who want a more technical explanation of what it is and does for you…

Myofascial Cupping:

It is a hybrid form of myofascial release that creates a compression pressure within the rim (of the cup).
It creates a negative pressure which passively stretches the tissue, resulting in increased Range of Motion, increased blood supply and heat to the area treated, increases fluid movement which assists in recovery (decreased swelling or oedema), and increases nutrient rich blood supply to the area.

Myofascial cupping creates a response from the Central Nervous System to reduce muscle tension, creates a response from the Autonomic Nervous System which lowers respiration, blood pressure, lowers muscle tension, visceral activity, heart rate, and increases blood flow to the muscles.

In other words, Myofascial Cupping will lower stress levels, make you feel wonderful, and also stretches the fascia and muscles. Just like a “regular” massage!

The unique experience of a myofascial cupping massage is that one notices straight away the differences and those differences will continue to work for the next 72 hours and you will see the complete benefits after 3 days.