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Occupational Stresses and Strain

Whether you work in an office, as a tradesperson or travel for work, your body has different stresses and strains to deal with, which can be frustrating and painful. Osteopathic treatment aims help with occupational stresses and strain by helping to release restrictions and restore range of movement to help your body to function and move more freely. Emotional stress from work can also cause pain, as it often will manifest itself as physical changes in the body such as increased muscle tension, postural issues and breathing problems. Identifying emotional stress and developing strategies to deal with it is important for long term health and wellbeing. Treatment for occupational stresses and strains may include addressing joint restrictions, massage, stretching and exercises.

Different types of work can have different effects on the body.

Office workers:

Office workers often sit for long periods of time and can suffer with stiff shoulders, neck or back pain. Ensuring that your work station is well set up can assist in undue stresses and strains. Click here to find out how to correctly set up your workstation or consider the options of a standing desk.

Trades people

Tradies often have a very physical job that requires heavy lifting and working in awkward positions and spaces. It’s important to be aware of how you lift and bend as a poor lifting technique can increase the risk of disc or back problems. Click here to find out how to lift correctly.

Hospital workers/Carers

Hospital workers and Carers often spend a great deal of time on their feet on hard floors which are less shock absorbing so aching feet and knees are common. Making sure you have good quality footwear will help take the strain off your feet and joints. Back strain is also common due to lifting and moving patients, having good core strength and lifting correctly can help avoid back strains. Pilates may assist in building strength, click here to learn more about our one on one Pilates classes. to Click here to find out how to lift correctly.


Long periods driving or flying can place a lot of strain on the back as the legs are out in front and not able to transfer your weight effectively to the ground. This has the effect of rotating the pelvis forward, causing the lower back to round or slouch. This increases pressure on the lumbar discs (lower back) making them more prone to injury. Being conscious of your posture when driving or flying can help, along with the use of a lower back support or slim-line wedge to help maintain the correct spinal curves.

Factory workers

Often factory workers are required to do repetitive movements. This can lead to increased strain on tissues. Making sure the body is functioning well helps the body cope with the increased work load.

Northside Therapies offers Osteopathy, Massage and Pilates to help address any issues you may have.

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