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Dr Danielle Harris (Osteopath)

Danielle completed her Osteopathic training at Southern Cross  
University and graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science (3 years) and a Masters of Osteopathic Medicine (2 years). Since completing her university based studies, Danielle has undergone further training in specific neck and jaw complaints, lower back pain, paediatrics and children and dry needling (when required).

Danielle is an extremely dedicated and passionate individual in regards to the care of her patients; she frequently interacts and works with a plethora of therapists and doctors to achieve optimal health outcomes for her clients. She uses a combination of hands on approaches that incorporate both gentle and strong techniques and develops treatment plans specific to each client, as she does not believe in a "one fits all" treatment model for her patients.

In addition to this, she draws on her extensive knowledge in muscular stretching, strengthening, conditioning programs and postural care to help address all areas of a patients problem.

Danielle is available for appointments all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (include evening appointments) and Saturdays.